Experience War On a Massive Scale

War Rock is a fast-paced, large-scale multiplayer first person shooter that combines old-school tactical combat with explosive vehicular warfare. Choose between five fully customizable professions and engage in close quarters combat, vast vehicle battles and even terrifying AI Survival encounters, each with their own ranking and achievements. Enlist in War Rock today!

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Choose Your Profession

Choose between five Professions, including Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Assault and Heavy Trooper, each specialized for a different role on the battlefield. Every Profession features a fully customizable load-out of weapons and gear, plus many unique skins and costume pieces that allow you to create your perfect soldier.

  • engineer
  • medic
  • sniper
  • assault
  • heavy trooper


Engineers are masters of machinery and technology who accompany vehicle crews and provide repair support on the battlefield. They are never without their trusted Repair Tools.

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Medics on the battlefield provide rapid aid to the wounded. The most valuable part of a Medic’s arsenal is their fast-acting Medkit.

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Snipers provide recon support, long-distance suppression, and can engage enemies that are otherwise inaccessible. Snipers always carry powerful scoped rifles.

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Assault units are the front-line soldiers of every operation. Their varied arsenal of powerful weapons makes them versatile and deadly foes.

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heavy trooper

Heavy Troopers counteract enemy armor on the battlefield through the use high-powered weaponry. They can equip a variety of landmines and rocket launchers.

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Battle How You Want

Compete in a variety of intense game modes that put strategy and teamwork to the test.
Choose between hardcore tactical shooting, large-scale battles with ground and air vehicles, or AI Zombie survival, across a list of more than 90 individually-tailored maps.

  • C.Q.C
  • Battle Group
  • PVE Mode

Close Quarters Combat

Close Quarters Combat is pure tactical shooting. Compete in a variety of fast-paced and brutal game modes like Deathmatch, Explosives and Free-For-All where weapon skill is paramount.

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Battle Group

Battle Group features vehicular combat on a grand scale. Modes include Conquest, Capture and Tank War, where map control and objective play are key.

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PVE Mode

PVE Modes pit your team against waves of ravenous AI zombies in a variety of scenarios, including Survival, Defense and Escape. Fight together or die alone.

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Tools of War

Always bring the right tools for the job! Choose between dozens of powerful weapons and gear items and support your team on the battlefield with a range of tactical vehicles. Dominate every battle any way you want.

  • AIR
  • SEA


Command the battlefield with powerful war machines like Tanks and Humvees, plus speedy Motorbikes and defensive Stationary Guns.

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Lead the charge with a variety of Jets and military Helicopters that can devastate the enemy from above and quickly transport troops into battle.

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Take to the seas with massive battleships or armored troop carriers and powerboats that can drop teammates behind enemy lines.

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Rise Through the Ranks

Make your mark on the War Rock community through Achievements, Ranks, Leaderboards, or fight for dominance in the extensive Clan War system. With regular updates and community events there is always a new challenge waiting to be conquered.

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